Aircon Brakepad System: Avid Trail+Guide

Aircon Brakepad System: Avid Trail+Guide

With our AirCon Brakepad System you can install cooling fins toyour brake. Unlike many designs,the fins are not attached to the pad, so that you can reuse the fins and produce less waste. Apart from the striking look it reduces the heat in your brake caliper upto 9%. Now everyone can benefit from a simple brake tuning and run our AirCon Disc Pads.
Another benefit is that you just need to buy the AirCon Systemonce and can replace the pads with our AirCon Replacement Pads separately.



Material: Steel back plate and organic pad
Compatibility only with our AirCon Cooling Fins:
Avid Trail+Guide
Benefit: Cooling rate increased up to 9%, better brake performance, reuseable cooling fins
Finish: Anodized and laser etched